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Multi function Pillow

"Tianshi Multi-Functional Pillow" is the new generation of sleeping facility with world leading level jointly developed by Japan JES Genetic Engineering Research Institute And Tianjin Tianshi Company, China. The product is made through high tech method with its main material is the
Liquid crystal, Macromolecule polymerizing material, far infrared material and the Negative ion material.

"Tianshi Multi-Functional Pillow" has acquired following certificates and patents.
" The identification certificate of the healthcare products.
" Two national patents.
1. Invention patent ZL01118049.8
2. Practical and original patent: ZL01223947.X

There are four main functions:
1. ? Wave Energy
According to research when people are in good sleep, the recording display the brain forms ? Wave, and the longer the ? Wave lasts, the better a rest and oxygen returning the brain will have. Besides when people stay in a forest or beside water fall, or listen to music, the human brain also forms ? Wave, and people will feel relaxed and pleased, and the body and mind will be kindly treated.

It is proved that if people stay in the ? Wave state regularly, it will:
1. Strengthen the brain and benefit to your intellect (Genius Wave)
2. Help to fall asleep easily
3. Good to the health and beauty
4. Delay caducity
5. Improve natural repair of the whole body through adjusting the brain nerve system.
Based on this advanced scientific mechanism, German and Japanese scientists discovered that some botanic, mineral crystal and some other materials can radiate 8-13 Hz energy. Which is a perfect match with the ? Wave of the brain. So because of resonance phenomena this frequency can help brain to enter in ? Wave state rapidly, hence giving calm and peaceful sleep.
The more important function is that repair ability of body can be improved through the scientific sleep thus helps healthcare and disease prevention.

2. Photon Energy
Photon energy is a kind of wave energy whose wavelength is close to the wave length of "Life Energy" of human body. This energy can penetrate the body cell and

  • Enhances the composing of the body energy
  • Improve the repair of the cells
  • Balance the verve of the brain and assutonomic nerves
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Maintain calm and good sleep

3. Far Infrared Energy
Far Infrared Rays is another kind of energy. These rays are invisible and improve the blood circulation through discharging 5.6 - 15 micron far infrared ray, which can improve the blood and oxygen supply of the head and neck. It is proved after a test at China Institute of Medical Science, that micro circulation flux increased by 95% after 20 minute of use of far infrared ray treatment.

4. Negative Ion Energy
The Toromalin material blended in the photon energy pipe can produce negative ion around the head, which go into the blood through the skin and respiratory organs and produce following good results in human health

  • Adjusting the function of the brain and automatic nerves
  • Improve the blood supply of the brain and heart
  • Dissipate fatigue
  • Clean the air around your body
  • Prevent Occurrence of some diseases

Chinese traditional medical theory believes that keeping your head and feet warm when sleeping is beneficial to a healthy sleep. Traditional pillows are usually filled with fruit seeds, leaves of plants, feathers of animals and cottons. Most of these materials are airtight, suffocation or hot. The stuffing material of the "Tianshi Three-Dimensional Photon Energy Pillow" is the elastic pipes, which can keep the air around head and face fresh, maintain a proper temperature and do well to your health.

1. People in inferior health: good to your health, and has adjustment, improvement and healing
effect on ali kinds of cervical spondylosis, insomnia, head dizziness, headache, cerebral
arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cerebral apoplexy and cretinism of the old.

2. Healthy people: the proper structure of Tianshi photon energy pillows can prevent the occurrence of the diseases caused by wrong postures of sleeping. it let you have standard sleeping posture unconsciously. Tianshi three dimensional photon energy pillow is a kind of healthcare pillow that combines the function and structure together, which not only has good curing effect on the cervical spondylosis, but also is fit for the healthy people to keep scientific sleeping posture. As the sleeping facility that can effectively prevent the appearance of the cervical spondylosis, the three dimensional photon energy pillow undoubtedly will change the unscientific and improper habit of using pillows that keeps unchanged for thousands of years, and that can be called a revolution of the sleeping facility of mankind.

1. l have never used a pillow of correct height for many years, and if l can't adapt to it when l start to use the three—dimensional photon energy pillow. what can l do?

Answer: Our Company has already considered this, so we prepared öne adjusting bağ for you when you buy it. l f you can't adapt to the height ör softness of the pillow, you can take out part of the pipes and put them into the adjusting bağ, and then put them back in succession, so that you can adi gradually.

2. The stuffing material of the three—dimensional pillow is elastic pipes, and the lining^is^far infrared fiber and what should we pay attention when washing?

Answer: The stuffing materials and pillowslip should be washed separately, and you can use ordinary detergent, but the special detergent made by our company is preferred. Washit with clean water and air it naturally. The pipes can be put into the adjusting bağ, tighten the neck and/put it into the clean water. it can be washed and dried in a washing machine.


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