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Tiens Zinc Cream Supplement

Tiens Zinc Cream Supplement

Zinc and Eyesight
Zinc is a vital element. It helps in maintaining our vision and taking care of our vision development. Most of the zinc is store in our eye, while retina and choroids have the most, OUr body and liver need zinc in the synthesis of pro vitamin A, in which helps to maintain our good vision. Based on the research, lack of zinc, selenium, calcium and copper will cause short sighted. Taking sufficient amount of zinc and calcium helps to maintain our body general health and also helps to prevent short sighted to take part.
Zinc and the Taste
Zinc can influence our taste and appetite. Due to zinc deficiency the mucous on the membrane cells in our oral cavity will growth faster and the death cells will be removed easily from the surface and this will cover up or cause blockage to the taste bugs on our tongue. As a result of this, it decreased the taste acuity and make us do not have appetite.
Male Infertility and Zinc Deficiency
Male infertility is a hot topic now. Current study indicates that one of the infertility factors is lack of micro element. Findings show micro element like zinc, Copper, selenium, manganese, magnesium and etc, can affect fertility. Among those micro element, zinc is significantly affecting the quality of the semen and sperm. Zinc deficiency can affect the metabolism and activities of the sperms and also irritate the development of the sex gland. While the supply of the zinc is not sufficient, it will affect the function of the pituitary gland and Indirectly will cut down the secretion of the sex hormones. Besides, it also can cause malfunction to the sex gland.
Zinc and Alzheimer's disease
Researches show that, hippocampus in human brain weight almost 1/80 of the total weight of the brain, and its zinc content is 1/6 of the total brain content. Zinc is rich In the hippocampus symaptosomes, it is 20 fold of the blood, and 100 fold of the spinal's fluid. Hippocampus is taking control of our nerves activities, language learning, memory and logical thinking. If the hippocampus's zinc content Is decreasing, then we may facing problems like, memory loss, movement disorders, thinking disorder or even get early stage Alzheimer's disease in our old age.
Zinc and Other Function
Besides that, zinc also helps in cell recovering process. Zinc can enhances the synthesis of protein, speed up the mitosis and growth process of cell and metabolism of energy, stabilize the membrane cells, helps in cell, cuts and wounds recovery and cure skin inflammation. Zinc is associated to many skin diseases, mucous diseases like mouth ulcer; tongue Ulcer, acnes, hair loss etc. It also helps In strengthening our immune system.Our immune system is a vulnerable system, if there is zinc deficiency; it will turn dOwn our immunity and may cause problems like auto immune diseases, inflammation and tumor. Evidence shown, zinc supplement will helps in strengthening our body Immune system.
Reason for Zinc Deficiency
Normally the content of zinc in blood is 13.94 mmol/L.lf the zinc content In blood is lower than 11.48 mmol/L-zinc deficiency. There are three main reasons for zinc deficiency:
  1. Insufficient intake Colostrums Is rich in zinc if compare to milk. Infants does not undergo breast feed or breast-feeding for a short period, and was not received zinc supplement may has zinc deficiency. In additional, the carbohydrate foods that we are taking will block the absOrption of the zinC and cause zinc deficiency. One side diet also is one of the factors of zinc deficiency for toddler.
  2. Increase in daily requirement Growing children may have zinc deficiency. Higher metabolism rate require additional zinc. The requirement for zinc will also increased of we are shocked, having tumor and infectious diseases. People who are suffering chronic kidney disease tend to expel zinc from the body. The above are the factors that contribute to zinc deficiency.
  3. Mal-absorption Chronic digestion tract disease will turn the zinc into complex substance, which is indigestible. While, Intestine inflammation and diarrhea will cause a lot of zinc expel through fluids.
Main Ingredients: Glucose, Egg Protein Powder, Zinc Lactate
Health Care Effect:

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that has functions as part of about 300 different enzymes. As such, zinc plays a role in virtually all biochemical pathways and physiological processes. More than 90% of the bodys zinc is stored in the bones (30%) and muscles (60%), but zinc is also found in virtually all body tissues. The richest dietary sources of zinc are seafood (especially oysters), meat, fish, eggs, and poultry.

• Wound healing
• Immune system support
• Reduces length and severity of colds (in lozenge form)
• Supports a healthy prostate gland (prevents benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH)
• Increases fertility (sperm production)

Disease Caused by Zinc Deficiency:
• Atrophy of testes, delayed sexual maturation, unmarked secondary sexual characteristics, insufficient and inactive sperms and male infertility.
• Low intelligence, absence of conditioned re-flex and deformity in both physical appearance and neural system for the baby.
• Zinc content in females tends to decline as they become older.
• People suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and obstructive ductal inflammation have lower than normal zinc content in their serum.
• Increased vulnerability to esophageal cancer.
• Delayed maturation of sexual organs. People suffering from zinc deficiency tend to have defects in their breasts, genitals and pubic hair.
• Inhibition of protein synthesis in testicles resulting in atrophy of testicle and epididymis.
• Zinc deficiency in child-hood halts growth and maturation process.

Sugested Use: Twice daily, taken orally with warm water. 3-10 years old: 2 capsules each time, above ten years old: 4 capsules each time.

Net Weight: 0.27g x 60 capsules