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Breast Care Apparatus

Breast Care Apparatus is created based on the mixed concept of psychology, East and west medical treatment, electronically engineering, automatic control, bioelectricy, music electricity, as well as the increasing of bioactive element in breast care. It is very useful for health; breast care and breast cancel prevention.

The Main Functions:

- Relaxation.
It is breast pressure free. This relaxation prevents your breast from aging.
- Bionic Message.
It is totally different from traditional physical massage that only works in one frequency. Bionic massage works in three dimensions.
- Endocrine balance control.
It is created with a music procedure that is able to stimulate brain to maximize metabolism, increase the lymph function and blood circulation, balance the endocrine, as well as prevent the breast cancer.
- Breast Charming.
It can stimulate the hormonal production, tighten the breasts and retighten the loosen breast